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Let's make your future bright!

These books are self-paced video, audio, and print training programs. Some are online classes turned into audiobooks. This makes learning on the go so easy. They teach brilliant, result-driven strategies to entrepreneurs + parents.

Do you want to achieve more with less? Be more resourceful? Learn to do difficult? Then, these books are for you! Whether you are brand new or a veteran in business and entrepreneurship, these books are designed to meet you where you are. It's to get your results bringing you closer to the custom fit needed for your life.


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Sometimes what's standing in your way is a clear picture and the "know how" to get you there. Once the destination is known and the route is laid out, the rest is history.


Get Where You Want to Go

Sometimes what's standing in your way is a clear picture and the "know how" to get you there. Once the destination is known and the route is laid out, the rest is history.

Every day I see moms feeling completely overwhelmed and lacking a vision for their home. Let's reduce all the stress and get empowered while staying sane. I’ll show you how to change for the better.

Use the link below to get your 15 page PDF guide with key information on how to effectively transform your home to create a phenomenal learning environment that outlasts any curriculum while helping your kids thrive.

Wonder why you're overwhelmed, lost, feeling inadequate, and disconnected from your kids? Whether you are homeschooling or in need of practical parenting tips, this class will help you wake up in a home you want.

Discover how to cultivate a learning environment you'll love so your kids can thrive. In this class, you'll increase joy and sanity while diminishing overwhelm and stress. Press into your innate ability to teach your children.

The 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, asserts that 80% of results (or outcomes) result from 20% of all efforts (or inputs) for any given event. Are you focusing on the 20% of activities that produce 80% of the results in your life? In work? In family? In building wealth? In success? Ready to achieve more by doing less? This class is for you.

Do you want quick and clever tips to win in family, wealth, business, and real estate? Never miss another grant deadline or lack the knowledge about resources available to you so can accomplish your goals. Enjoy exclusive podcasts, videos, and posts to keep you fully informed and accountable. Future you will not be able to believe just how far you’ve come since you joined The Community.

The Ultimate Mastermind to dive deep into achieving more with less by being resourceful. Practical steps to implement with every video, group discussion to motivate, lives when needed, and access to courses at no additional cost. Finally, have clarity about how/why while being empowered to take the right action. Win like never before by developing personally and professionally. Harness your 20%.

How do the books work?

They are self-paced, easy-to-follow trainings completed at the speed of YOU along with tons of helpful resources and motivation to get results. All of audio and video trainings are online inside a private member only site. I'm here to answer your questions and offer feedback. Some can also be purchased through my podcast and where books are sold. Reach success where you are, in and outside of the your home.

Class Reviews

The Best

"Excellent course. I enjoyed so much and learned so much about being a parent and homeschooling."

- Sharon H

Clear & Concise

"This is a wonderful jumpstart to Homeschooling from the Heart. Easy to follow actionable steps that can make a difference."

- Steve C


"This felt encouraging and easy to do - what are my values, when do we have time, what is important to learn..."

- Sarah C

Are these books right for you?

If you want to accomplish your goals get clarity, enjoy more of life while keeping your sanity. If you want to achieve MORE with LESS by being resourceful, this is for you. Finally, learn to do difficult. In and out of your home. YES THEY ARE!


Achieve More with less

This isn’t some baseline workshop that’s full of fluff. We’ve got the full goods so you can start hitting your goals with clarity & focus. Never attend another entrepreneur workshop after learning secret tricks to 10X your progress & profits. Plus free snacks and beverages.