About Myla Sweet

What I do

I teach you how to be resourceful so you can develop personally and professionally while getting the clarity you need to be empowered to do work that matters - in and out of the home. I help people to clarity in life, business, wealth, success, and real estate. It all works together so you can get empowered and get results quickly.

Why I Am Passionate

Growing up I saw talented individuals working hard and having very little to show for it. Making a whole bunch of money yet living smothered in debt, owning nothing, with no inheritance for the kids, and living a life they hated.

Once I became an adult, this life outcome SCARED me. I decided to change my family tree. I wanted to work hard and play hard. I want to live with purpose. I wanted to leave an inheritance for my kids. But I didn't have much to start. So I used what I had and combined it with what I could learn to do - difficult. I saw how being resourceful and learning could ACTUALLY change my circumstance and others. This ignited my fire and it's been burning a little more each day.

Who I am

I'm Myla. Homeschooling mom of 3, real estate agent (licensed in Oregon), podcastor, and online course creator. Also lover of a good meal and adventure.

Being resourceful lead me to homeschooling my kids, paying off all my consumer debts, reading 100 books a year for free and buying my first house with no money down. Want to learn how I do it?


Achieve More with less

This isn’t some baseline workshop that’s full of fluff. We’ve got the full goods so you can start hitting your goals with clarity & focus. Never attend another entrepreneur workshop after learning secret tricks to 10X your progress & profits. Plus free snacks and beverages.